If you are considering becoming a new Reiki student, the following is especially for YOU:
Congratulations to you! Sometimes it's hard to consider learning something new.  You only get to do beginner's mind once in awhile, which is actually quite a treat, and the newness of Reiki training might be that opportunity for you.

adults are not nearly as comfortable with beginner's mind as children are, and yet we can find our way there if we give up the need to be an instant expert at everything we do. Hooray to you if you are feeling curious about something new coming into your life! Curiosity is the motivation for new growth getting germinated and blossoming!

It is actually easy to find your way into that beautiful vibrational wonderland known as Reiki that communicates to you in various channels as Light or Waves or Clarity or Beauty.  As a master teacher of Reiki for over 20 years, I know that since Reiki lives inside of all of us, on the most basic level it is not "new" at all. Your relationship to Reiki will become personal when you spend some time being immersed in it. Learning Reiki only takes one day. Anyone can learn Reiki in one day! I invite you to invite Reiki into your life.

How does Reiki get expressed through your hands? Reiki meets us where we are. It happens when intention (for the highest good to happen) and attention (
on the present moment) are united. Additionally, I give you an attunement (which happens during the Reiki I class) to make your Reiki connection more conscious, and that's all that's needed! And there are SO many possibilities that open to you when intention and attention are united. Reiki is just one of them. This is also the same transcendent process that can happen with creating beautiful art, with making love with a committed partner, with bringing our wild dreams into manifestation, and so on...Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a wonderful book called Big Magic about this process. It is her conviction that sometimes the work (whatever it is, healing work or artwork or relationship work) is creating itself and using you as it's conduit, if it trusts you to be faithful to the spiritual muse. Reiki is just like that! So the best that we can be as Reiki practitioners, is to be a big empty PIPE for that divine process to unfold and manifest THROUGH us. A hollow bone. A flute through which the vibrational music may travel. Yep. Empty as all get out, just present and waiting for the rush of rich vibration to wash through us, clean and clear. We really do GET OUT of the way for this to happen. It is not from ego, at all. And it helps so much to have the heart open wide toward the person that you are treating, especially if you are treating yourself!  It is sometimes easier to find that open-heartedness for others than for the person we see in the mirror. Ahhhh...so is it finally time for YOU to give something to YOURSELF?

Does this description of Reiki as a profoundly creative, spiritual process resonate with you? If it does, then I am the teacher for you. Give me a call or email me and I will tell you when my next class is happening. I teach EVERY MONTH and have done so for more than twenty years. I  LOVE what I do and I feel that Reiki training is important for the huge growth in consciousness that the whole world is now approaching. Reiki is love.

Martha Spruce

Hearts & Hands Reiki Wellness Center

Brunswick, Maine 


copyright 2018 Martha Spruce