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Reiki Treatments,

by appointment only

$80 - One hour Reiki treatment

$120 - An hour and a half appt. Reiki treatment plus active listening / guidance / resources

$150 - Two full hours; Reiki treatment and one hour of active listening / guidance / resources

Options for Reiki sessions:

  • at my home wellness clinic in Brunswick

  • at your home (within 30 mile radius of Brunswick)

  • through on-site introductory Reiki clinics for specialty groups

  • at your workplace through company contracts

For a deeply revitalizing, healing experience, my treatments include:

  • An amethyst infrared biomat -- an FDA-approved medical device promoting detoxification and relaxation.

  • Energy-balancing support using crystals on the body

  • Use of doTERRA® essential oils at meridian points

  • Soothing theta wave music

  • A weighted blanket

  • Follow-up support by email

Reiki Training

Classes are available at the Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III (Master), and Reiki Master Teacher levels. Schedules vary, but classes are generally held on weekends. These trainings are technically informative, personal, and spiritual in essence.

I offer monthly Reiki Shares for my Hearts & Hands students, giving them the opportunity to practice on each other under my supervision.

I have taught more Reiki students in the mid-coast Maine area than any other Reiki Master Teacher.

See what my students say, here.

Click for more information about training:

Reiki I

Reiki II

Reiki III

Reiki Apprenticeship

Reiki Master Teacher

Holding Hands
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Certified Hospice Support

During this challenging time, I can provide physical, spiritual, and emotional healing support to the person who is dying as well as their closest loved ones. Dying can be a deeply moving process when approached with openness to the divine energies all around us.

Surgery Support

  • Reiki treatments before and after surgery

  • Reiki treatment during surgery with surgeon's permission

  • Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster® training for prospective surgical patients

Services: Services

Reiki I Training

Empower Yourself

This is a First Degree weekend workshop for all those wishing to learn to treat themselves, their family members, friends, pets, and plants.

In this daylong workshop, all students are certified in Traditional Usui Reiki upon completion. Cost includes a pdf 65-page full-color manual describing the hand positions, the history of Reiki, and much more.

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Services: Welcome

Reiki II Training

Facilitate Health and Sacred Awareness for Others

This Second Degree workshop is for all those wishing to bring Reiki into their lives on a deeper level. It includes an introduction to three symbols that increase the vibrational power of Reiki; facilitate letting go mentally and emotionally; and also transcend the apparent boundaries of time and space with remote work. Upon completion of this 8-hour workshop, all students will be certified as practitioners in Traditional Usui Reiki.

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Services: Welcome

Reiki III Training

Become a Reiki Master

The Reiki III Workshop (Reiki Master) is appropriate for those who have a well-established daily self-practice, are comfortable working closely with others, and are considering teaching Reiki. Students are taught the Master symbols of Traditional Usui Reiki as well as energy pulling and other Japanese Reiki techniques.

Services: Welcome


Discover Your True Sacred Nature

The Apprenticeship is a year-long study and practice of Reiki. It includes assisting with workshops, hosting Reiki Shares and Clinics, helping to raise community awareness of energy work, and volunteering in the community. The Apprenticeship is developed on a student-by-student basis. My goal in mentoring is to provide guidance, encourage leadership, and offer opportunity for experience. This wonderful practice restores us to our true sacred nature.

Services: Welcome

Reiki Master Teacher Training

Instruct and Inspire Others

This two-day workshop follows the year-long Apprenticeship and prepares participants to teach Traditional Usui Reiki. Students who take this class embody Reiki every day by living the Principles fully. Learning how to pass attunements to others is central to this workshop.

Students at this level must have received previous certifications from Hearts & Hands.

Services: Welcome
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