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What My Clients and Students Say

I found Martha at a challenging moment in my life.  I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and several survivors had mentioned reiki as a tool to aide in the healing journey.  The Universe gifted me Martha’s name, and she was an enormous help as I prepared for surgery.  As a trained facilitator for Peggy Huddleston’s Heal Faster program, Martha helped connect me to the power of positive thinking and visualization.  I had my first ever reiki session with Martha the day prior to my surgery.  Our conversation and the treatment that followed filled my tank and left me feeling relaxed and confident.  My recovery from surgery was remarkable, and I continue to see Martha because she brings light, love and positive energy into my life.  Time and time again, she has felt things on the table regarding my body that I did not reveal to her, and she has facilitated healing.  Through her teachings and therapy, I now have more balance in the four realms of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being, and I am forever grateful.

Adrienne Shibles
Head Coach
Bowdoin College Women's Basketball

Martha Spruce has become a dear friend as well as my Reiki teacher & mentor.
She oozes good intention & kindness,
I feel at ease just being around her, and a spring in my step after l leave her.
When it comes to the mystical magic of Reiki, l'm grateful & honored to have had her as my teacher.
A Reiki session with Martha truly is magic & all she is & all she does comes from the heart & her healing hands.

Amy Alexander Suckow

I minored in Holistic Health during nursing school. I was fascinated by therapeutic touch and energy work but I never actively pursued it until I ended up providing care for a dear friend of Martha’s.  She gave me Martha’s name and the rest has been a steady and natural progression through Reiki I, II and finally Reiki III this past summer. My oldest boy was 5 months old when I completed Reiki I with Martha, I was pregnant with my second when I completed Reiki II and by the time I took Reiki III I had started grad school to work towards my FNP.

Reiki has given me time when I needed a break, it has provided me healing when I was struggling with my health or with pregnancy complications, it provided me with community and support when I needed to remember that I am important too. Reiki Shares have been a place where I have come regularly to give myself care, to feel cared for, to feel whole.

Martha has been a mentor for me, in Reiki and in life. She has listened to me, made time for me, reminded me I am allowed to take time for me. The community of people drawn together around Martha is a deep and loving group of people who are only strangers for a few minutes. I cannot recommend Martha highly enough. Reiki has opened me and helped me grow so much, it truly has changed my life. 

Ashley Wing, RN/BSN

One of the first things I’ve always noticed when I walk into Martha’s space is a sense of welcoming, support and peace. Martha blends the energies of sanctuary and Spirit to provide a nurturing, inviting and connected healing environment.

Martha truly works as a conduit for Spirit, bringing through healing energies and self empowerment for her clients. As a teacher, Martha gives her students a strong foundation and skill set, while equally encouraging each student to find their own unique connection with Divine.

If you are looking for a Reiki practitioner who honors Spirit from a place of humility and grace, Martha fosters healing and restorative energetic balance during in person or distance sessions.

I recommend Martha highly in all regards as a practitioner, healer and kindest of souls.

Denise Correll

Professional Intuitive

Martha provides a gentle and safe space to heal and learn. I had interviewed many Reiki practitioners and explored a few different Reiki practices prior to choosing Martha as my Reiki teacher. Her kindness and honesty truly make for an open and comfortable space to learn. She meets each of her students where they are in their spiritual/healing practice and helps foster their progress at the speed in which works best for each student. She also makes time to answer any questions that arise throughout the learning process. Even skepticism is welcomed! As a Reiki practitioner, she again provides a warm and welcoming space that meets her clients where they are in their healing experience. Martha takes the time to know what her clients want to gain from their healing sessions. I highly recommend Martha as a mentor and as a healer to anyone.

Heather Doran

Martha is an exceptional Reiki practitioner & teacher who has dedicated her life’s work to the well-being of her community near & far.  She embodies the Reiki blessing day in & day out.  I am so grateful to have her as my Reiki teacher & mentor. Her support has spilled out well beyond the weekend trainings breathing trust, confidence & faith into my own healing capacities.  May the circles of positive health & healing that begin with Martha continue to ripple outward to all those in need.

Kate Nicholson
Assistant Director of Student Wellness
Bowdoin College

I have always been grateful and proud that you are my teacher, because you are sincere, committed, and live Reiki.

Maggie Butler, MSW

Martha heals with her heart, her hands, and her spirit. Martha smiles a lot. She is just about the kindest, warmest, gentlest person around. Martha is a Reiki scholar and demonstrates deep knowledge of Reiki practice.  Martha Spruce is extraordinary.

Dr. Meredith Kendall, RN

Martha has a healing energy like no other. I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed when they did. Through her healing hands, I was able to work through my childhood traumas and chronic pain. I was so moved by the healing energy that I enrolled in her Reiki I and II courses. Her wisdom and energy is pure and she gracefully taught me how to share the gift of reiki with others. Her love and light is a divine blessing and I can only hope to assists others in their journey of healing as much as she has helped me.

Michelle Chasse

I started Reiki treatments with Martha in 2017 when I was suffering with frequent migraines and heavy life stress. I'd had Reiki treatments before with three different practioners, but those sessions were nothing like Martha's. When she first put her hands on either side of my head, I felt an immediate and amazing shift in my energy. A zing! Four years later, I rely on Reiki with Martha every other week as an essential part of my overall wellness. Martha's wellness clinic is truly a place of physical and spiritual healing.

Peggy Schick

Astrologer, Regressionist, Reiki Practitioner

Many times during the last 20 years when I have needed help with an emotional or physical challenge, I have come to Martha for Reiki treatments. I have never been disappointed. Her skillful use of Reiki creates the peaceful space necessary to calm my fears and open myself up to healing.

I have been privileged to learn Reiki 1, 2, 3 and Master Teacher level from Martha. Her knowledge of Reiki, method of teaching and the strength of her attunements have empowered me to use Reiki confidently for the benefit of myself, my family and in my professional life as a nurse.

One of the biggest challenges was facing down breast cancer in 2006. Both of my sisters and my mother had experienced and survived breast cancer but none had a diagnosis of cancer in both breasts. I was terrified and everything seemed to be happening very fast after an unsuccessful lumpectomy. A double mastectomy was going to be necessary. I was too panicked to help myself. During the 10 days leading up to surgery, Martha worked with me using Reiki to calm and prepare me with strategies for thinking positively about healing. Although she was not able to go into surgery with me, she sent Reiki during the 7 hours and continued to send it while I was in the ICU for 3 days. For the next weeks as I was recovering, Martha helped bring the Reiki energy to me until I was able to begin self-treatments again. I sincerely believe that Reiki energy was a huge factor in my good response to treatment and subsequent complete recovery from the cancer and will always be grateful to Martha for her commitment of helping me access Reiki during the weeks that I was unable to help myself.

Penelope Markle, RN MSN MEd

Martha Spruce is a very knowledgeable Reiki Master. She has a calm and thoughtful  demeanor and she is an empathetic listener. 
I know this about her first hand as I have been both been a recipient of her Reiki  healing work and also a Reiki III student in 2020. 
I was certified for Reiki 1 and II by other Usui Lineage Reiki Masters long ago in 1994  in a different state and so have had the good fortune to experience and know more  than one Reiki master teacher.  
I am so grateful to have had the good fortune to have found Martha who with  compassion and wisdom has helped me expand my Reiki journey.


Thank you Martha!  Your Reiki teaching sessions opened my being to new ways of being, what can be better than that?  An open mind needs to be nourished by wise, loving and happy  spirits – you are one of those rare spiritual mentors.  Again, thank you Martha!

Phyllis L. Stibler

Students: Reiki can be challenging to explain, but Martha’s approach to teaching demystifies the modality, and gives students a solid base to work from. Plus, you become part of her reiki community, full of empathetic and caring folks. And Martha remains a great support long after you take her classes. She’s a wise and loving guide on the reiki path. 

Clients: Martha’s calming, loving, and joyful presence, coupled with her truly healing touch, have provided great comfort to me during times of both physical and emotional suffering. 

Shana Barry

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